SK-790 Using Guidance

  1. Take the same amounts of both components from the container and mix them. The two components of silicone rubber must be mixed homogeneously, otherwise, it will be partly cured and solidified;

  2. Deaerate in a vacuum cupboard to remove bubbles from the compound;

    1. But if no vacuum de-airing equipment is available, air entrapment can be minimized by mixing a small quantity of A and B component, then using a brush, painting the original with a 1-2mm layer. Leave at room temperature until the surface is bubble free and the layer has begun to cure. Mix a further quantity of base and curing agent and proceed as follows to produce a final mold.

  3. Pouring the deaerated mixture over the highest point of the model to form casting mould;

  4. Demolding after the liquid silicone solidified thoroughly.

  5. The mixed liquid silicone rubber will solidified in 3-4 hours under room temperature.

Shelf life:

9 months from date of production when stored at 25°C in the original sealed packages.


Packed in clean 25+25kg/pail