Mold silicone

We offer you silicones used to produce flexible molds of SK series.

Silikon SK from 8 EUR/kg (for orders more than 1200 kg)

Molding silicon

SK silicones are used:

  • as silicones used to produce flexible molds
  • as filling compounds
  • as dressing compounds to produce molds in manufacture of foot wear.

Brief specifications of SK silicone compounds

SK-761: very soft and very liquid silicone compound;

SK-762: silicone compound with average viscosity and average hardness;

SK-764: soft and liquid silicone compound, with very high elongation at break;

SK-765: used for vertical surfaces;

SK-790: for molds making for further casting not only of gypsum, soap, paraffine, polymer clay, acryl and polyester resins but also cement and epoxy resin etc.

Mold silicone

SK silicones are used for:

  • production of flexible molds for repeated replication of articles of art and technical items of complex configuration in arts, construction, restoration, food industry, criminal investigation etc.
  • production of gaskets

Main benefits of silicones used to produce flexible molds of SK series:

  • wide range of operating temperatures: from -60°С to +250°С
  • tolerance to environmental exposure
  • high tear resistance
  • do not cause corrosion of metals and alloys, including copper
  • compatibility with most filling materials
  • precise reproduction of surface details
  • stability

Silicone compounds of SK series meet international standards and requirements in terms of quality.

All silicones from "Silicones SK-76" series (SK-761, SK-762, SK-764, SK-76) can be mixed together in any ratio for getting average characteristics of mixture.



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