Application of silicone RTV-2 compounds

All silicones from "Silicones SK-76" series (SK-761, SK-762, SK-764, SK-76) can be mixed together in any ratio for getting average characteristics of mixture.

Application of silicone RTV-2 compounds

Surface of the original used to produce a mold should be degreased in advance, cleaned from contaminations, rust etc. If surface is porous, segregating solution should be used.

100 weight parts of base and 1,5-2,5 weight parts of catalyst (for 1 kg of base — 15-25 grams of catalyst) are put in a clean vessel and mixed till catalyst is completely distributed in base (3-5 minutes). The quantity of catalyst influences on the curing time of mixture. As more catalyst as less curing time.

Optimum mixing temperature makes +20°C. After that mixture is put in vacuum for 3 — 5 minutes.

Resulted mixture is used to treat the original and is kept at room temperature for 35 hours. At lower temperature time of hardening is increased. Process of hardening can be accelerated with heat, not more than +60°C.