Silicone for Electronic Encapsulation


Transparent liquid silicone rubber for electronic encapsulation for solar panels

SK-419 is two a 2-component condensation liquid silicone rubber with high electric, moisture resistance and shock proof. It works on well in the strict conditions.


Appearance Achromatic
  Viscosity, m Pa∙s 1700
  Mixing ratio (base : catalyst) 100:10
  Density, g∙cm-3 0,97
Operation time (25℃), min   150
Surface curing time (25℃), hr   24
After vulcanization Activation of electrical properties, hours 72
  Hardness, Shore A 19
  Tensile strength, MPa 0,5
  Elongation rate, % 100
  Tear Strength, kN∙m-1 2,1
  Heat conduction coefficient, W∙(m∙K)-1 0,2
  Dielectric strength, 20
  Volume electrical resistance, Ω∙cm 1,0×1013













Mixing: Mix both components in ratio 100:10 (by weight). Both manual and machine mixing are acceptable.

Debubbling: It is recommended to degasify material to achieve complete absence of bubbles.

Operating time: the viscosity increases gradually and it will be doubled in 30 minutes at normal temperature. But fluidity remains up to 12 hours.

Seal the curing agent promptly after using it to avoid hydrolysis.


Storage period is 6 months but when storage period is over product may still be used under the customers responsibility if meets specification. 

Store a dry, well-ventilated premise; avoid direct sun rays and ingress of rain water. Keep stirring the composition if its viscosity was increased prior application. Avoid the contact of catalyst with skin and eyes. Once exposed with skin, clean immediately with detergent and water. If splash into eyes, wash them with flowing water at least 15 minutes and then consult a doctor.