«Silikony SK» — molding silicones

Today  «Silikony SK» company is a big supplier of mold silicone compounds and mold polyurethanes in the whole Europe.

siliconSilikon SK from 8 EUR/kg (for orders more than 1200 kg)

We deal with selling silicone products and producing customized molds from silicone compounds in Europe and we provide our buyers with:

  • the best prices for products being supplied
  • the best terms of delivery
  • customer support

Besides, we are ready to teach your specialists how to make up silicone molds themselves.

And it does not matter whether you are our constant customer or it is the first time you contact us, whether you are going to buy one kilo of products or a big lot 

thereof – you can be absolutely sure that you will find right what you need with us.

We can produce items from plaster stone and other materials – sculptures, training models, park and garden sculptures etc.

We deliver products to any point of Europe.